The Castle Rock Movement

Together we make wisdom everlasting

This is a dedicated specialized initiative that aims to contribute to the Castle Rock Fund; and the continual support for the purpose of the very existence of the worldview organizations.

Since 2018

We have reached our halfway milestone with an initial amount of USD 2.1 million raised through the encounters with the Gold Lords and Ladies worldwide.


The Quest Continues

The Knights and Dames from one of the cities, Singapore are on a mission to search and locate the descendants to support the acquirement. 

The success of this quest catapult the chances for all of them to be once again, be in a same castle.

The promised castle.

Sept 2021

We have successfully reached another milestone: USD 1.3 million of global contributions was reported  and the mission to secure the storage facility is accomplished.

CRM 2.0

With this kiss of triumph, the Elders believe the timing will never be better to inspire another morale boost and move towards our next milestone.

The mission is for 20 cities /organisations /individuals to contribute USD 50k each in hope to gather one more million before the year ends. 

The Castle Rock Fund

Your support will help with the purchase of the Castle Rock Mini Storage facility in Arizona, USA, which is very near to the temporary head quarters of the worldview organizations. The dividend income generated will cover the overhead expenses and maintenance of the organizations housed in the Red Western Tower, Arizona.

This also ensures the long-term continuity and sustainability of these worldview organizations to carry on the preservation, protection, sharing and teaching of the literary wisdom traditions for the world and future generations. It also allows the organizations to channel the funds they raise to support other non-profits.


Got Questions?


DLFL is primarily run by volunteers; 20% is set aside to run the organization and support its daily operations, including administrative and processing fee to manage your contributions. The remaining 80% will be sent to the beneficiaries.

Please note that all contribution made are non-refundable.

As most of the projects Diamond Love Foundation Limited support are based overseas and not registered as a local charity, your contribution is not tax deductible at this point of time. 

We do not store your credit card or debit card details. We utilize Stripe & Hitpay as our merchant facilities, therefore your payment details are stored within our merchants’ system. 

If you have further questions on this Castle Rock Movement that request assistance, kindly contact our Commander Knight, Kenn Chu at 9763 1611.