As a global non-profit organization, the Asian Legacy Library believes that safeguarding the cultural literary wisdom traditions of the world for future generations is a priority for humankind.

The library of Asian Legacy Library is the flagship destination and access point for its preservation programs, including the digitizing, cataloging, and archiving of literature. A safe and enduring home, the ALL library is an important nexus of source literature that is used by scholars, translators, and academics who then are able to reference the Collections in order to keep these teaching traditions alive in the world for current and future generations.

Through a combination of technology, scholarship, and partnership the Asian Legacy Library locates, digitally preserves, and safeguards some of the world’s most precious collections of cultural wisdom heritage.

Like snow on the mountain, these powerful traditions continue to flow down and out into the world, influencing countless participants across multiple cultures.


ALL’s Varanasi center for Indology is uniquely positioned in a city viewed as sacred by various religions and spiritual seekers for thousands of years. Varanasi and the surrounding area (the Indian state of West Bihar) is the most important location in north India for Sanskrit Buddhist Studies and were the center for learning and scribing these precious teachings.

Varanasi is the nerve center for all of ALL’s South Asian preservation efforts. Equally dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist Sanskrit materials, the center is engaged in digitizing manuscript archives, as well as printed and manuscript Sanskrit materials throughout northern India.



ALL Varanasi Sustenance Initiative

A BIG thank you! 

ALL Varanasi Sustenance Initiative has officially ended and we wouldn’t have done it without you!
We are deeply grateful for all your support and love for this initiative.