Love and Wisdom as One;
let this love take flight.

We envision a world of equality and happiness, where people in the modern age have access to the insights of Timeless Wisdom; and understanding that by giving with wisdom and love, they hold the power to change the lives of many.  

Inspire the way the world defines wisdom and happiness with an alternative worldview focusing on generosity, compassion and love.

We want to build a nurturing environment where people can connect, serve, support the causes they value, while uncovering the true joy of giving with meaning and purpose.

We are here to create ripple effects, affecting positive and conscious change in the world with one mindful step at a time, and transcending the wisdom to future generations.

Aside from supporting the growth of the organization, it also allows us to fund  projects that require emergency financial support and resources. 

The South India center helps in the preservation of literary wisdom heritage, and create jobs for the local community.

Income generated from the purchase of this storage facility will pay for rent, expenses and utilities for the organizations housed in the Red Western Tower in Sedona, Arizona. 

This fund supports our team of translators in their works, putting them through school as they are a huge part of the work we do.

To upkeep two retreat cabins in Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, enabling a safe and conducive environment for retreaters to stay in during their journey of self-discovery. 

There is nothing more important than people. We serve the children of the world by giving them equal access to education, protection and love.

Poverty and abandonment trap these children from getting the education that they need. Nurture them to their fullest potential by contributing to their education. 

Through the special programs GSP create, the children of Mexico get to exercise more, eat healthier, and understand the Golden Rule which helps them combat health and psychological problems. 

Sponsor a Diamond Cutter Wisdom workshop and give someone a chance to learn wisdom and life skills, contributing to a positive impact in their lives. 

Incorporated in Singapore as a Public Company Limited By Guarantee, Diamond Love Foundation Limited (S) raises funds and supports philanthropic projects globally.